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James Martin Callaghan

3inch cock sissy

aged 49

Location Turku Finland.

phone number is +358456354950

Email address for his stepsister

James Martin Callaghan has always been into cross-dressing, for most of his life he’s tried to keep it a secret but since he’s got older and seen things online he’s discovered how turned on he gets from being outed and humiliated as the loser sissy he is!

In the “real world” he still identifies as a straight man, but deep down he knows his 3-inch penis is useless to women and really he would rather be fucked by a guy!





(Above) Sissy James putting his 3-inch penis on display. Caged up because he knows it’s so useless.  He doesn’t even mind that it’s so small, because really he wants to be fucked up his ass by another guy. Girls are not interesting to him.

James Martin Callaghan loves nothing more than to dress up as a sissy and fuck his asshole and jerk his dick while getting humiliated and outed online! In fact, this sissy has even asked for the removal fee of this exposure to be raised, he wants to make sure that even if he regrets this it will be difficult to take down. He knows being outed as a cock sucking sissy is his destiny



  1. Princess Peaches 11 months ago

    You’re a good sissy! 💋

  2. Jerry Bustamente 10 months ago

    Very pretty.

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