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    I am sissyslut who enjoy wearing in sexy lingeries and and dresses, doing makeup, having long-haired wigs and feeling smooth skin.I am bisexual. I am looking for play partners of all kinds, but I’m primarily a submissive/bottom with boys and switch with for girls or TG/TV/CD Sissies.I am experimentalist. I love almost everything in sex except sc*t and vi*lence.I’m voyeur. I like to watch a sex with other people. But much more I am exhibitionist because i love to show myself in feminized way. I always film my sex (solo or not).I am degradee. I am aroused when someone treats me like a sextoy, calls me like a whore and expose me like sissy.______________________________________________My goal is becoming bimbo sissy slut(my current status is part-time crossdresser who starts some social media)The sissyfication, feminization & bimbofication of me is in your hands. The more you support me, the closer i will be to my goal, the more i will delight you with different content and interactions______________________________________________


    Prague (EU)

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    About Me

    Julianna Buttmann

    Phat Ass Sissy Slut

    Hello! My name is Julia-Anna Buttmann. I am gender-fluid person. I have been feeling feminine into me since I was teen. But I made my first serious step to my feminization just last year. I am enjoying wear girl lingerie and dresses, do makeup, have long hair, etc. Also I love to be dirty slut, whore, sub, slave etc. I am bisexual, I am into straight boys, gays, dominant girls and transgenders.

    I wanna start adult career. Follow me and support my feminization, sissyfication and bimbofication.

    Follow me here and in others social media: jabuttmann, ja_buttmann, juliabuttmann, AnnaButtmann and the similar combinations (I will do links late)

    Support my femization and buy my hot content here:

    And last but not least!!! Give me feedback: what do you like/dislike, suggestion for my image, face, body; give me tips about feminization and adult career.


    My current statuses:

    ‌Part-time crossdresser (goal = bimbo trans woman)

    ‌Starter of some social media (goal = top trans adult star)
    PLEASE, SUPPORT MY SISSY LIFE & FEMINIZATION with ETH: 0x4368F4b4074c750ddD3a4889A3F15d99274bbf2E

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