On sissy-exposure.com you are free to create your own exposures and also remove those exposures and your entire account for free! This is great for you sissies who are new to the exposure game or just don’t want permanent exposure.
But for those sissies who would rather it be much more difficult to remove their exposures we have the sissy packages with custom exposure contracts!  These are paid exposures that are created by me, which means they are created from my account. So even if you remove your account it will not remove the exposure created by me. Instead, these exposures come with contracts that have a standard $50USD license termination fee, however, for those daring sissies for an extra fee, these contracts can be customized.  This means raising the removal fee to whatever you like and even adding other steps that must be completed if you want the exposure removed, making it very difficult to remove. For example, the contract could state that your exposure has to be published for at least 12 months before you are able to pay the raised $1200USD removal fee.


Exposure packages start at $50usd with custom contracts costing an additional $50usd. More complicated in-depth contracts will be more expensive.

All are 100% legally binding using legit licensed contract software.

Check out the sissy-packages here

Contact Me (Admin) at sissyxposure@gmail.com

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