1. LittleK 2 years ago

    J’adore Julianna!

  2. Candy Chatel 2 years ago

    Love the official sissy faggot ID card! Do you post your sissy cards on any other sites?

  3. Author
    Julianna Buttmann 2 years ago

    I posted this and some other id and exposure cards in other sites. For example, freakden and xhamster etc

  4. Candy Chatel 2 years ago

    Love your sissy exposure cards and captions. Do you want me to post you on twitter?

  5. Candy Chatel 2 years ago

    I’m also on freakden, but left xhamster since their policy changed and I was unable to post any pics or create galleries on that site. This site has been awesome so far!

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