Sarah Matthew
irreversible journey to full-on feminization.

Location: united kingdom 

Age 35.


Sarah Matthews is no longer a man in any sense of the word and now officially identifies as a shemale/sissy who is on an irreversible journey to my full-on feminization. 

She has taken this drastic step as people around her will not accept who she is, and this exposure makes it known to herself that regardless of this, her fate is truly inescapable, and there is no way back!


Sarah Matthews has been on hormones for 8 months now and is becoming quite feminine in her appearance.  She wants to showcase her true self to people who find her transition attractive and want to make a kinky life long relationship with her!

Sarah dreams of becoming someone’s life-sized love doll and would love to have someone help fund her implants etc! She would be in your debt forever.

With implants, her aim is to go big, very big!! I mean it when I say I want to look like a living love doll.

Her kinks and fetishes are all based around her submissive personality, but she has had so much that she is yet to experience…

From Sarah Herself

“I love bondage, body modification, feminization, being used as a slave, encased in latex, big sex toys, becoming an inanimate object and so much more.”

  1. sissydoris 1 year ago

    shemale that shemale…. sissy is sissy…(can’t be both in oce) transgender at this moment i think… all i can see how hormones works…congrats..but be carefull… stop using real hormones is dangers for life…

  2. Candy Chatel 1 year ago

    Great body, love the outfits, love the sissy exposure cards, and awesome legs!

  3. Lindsey Mai 1 year ago

    Would love to meet and be sissy girlfriends?

  4. Candy Chatel 1 year ago

    it would be cool to meet, once the pandemic is over! Since I’m new here, how do I meet new people (CD admirers and other gurls who dress like me)?

  5. Oscar 1 year ago

    Simplemente hermosa

  6. LittleK 1 year ago

    Absolutely gorgeous! 💋

  7. Sissy Denise 1 year ago

    Damn I am so totally Jealous I wish I looked that sexy!

  8. Brian 4 months ago

    Fuck I love you Sarah. Wish I could seduce you, French kiss for hours and make out till we were exhausted.

  9. Brian 4 months ago

    A really really great all around arousing exposure you shameless SUCKSLUT

  10. Brian 3 months ago

    I’ve returned again and again to this exposure because you are so beautiful Sarah. I’m envious of your sweet feminine looks and sexy breasts. Actually every inch of you is gorgeous and you should post often to brighten all our days. Would love regular nude updates on your feminization please please please sweetie?

  11. JessieButt 2 days ago

    Beautiful gurl

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