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I show my whole private, naked life 24/7 via my Smarthome cams since 12 months.I am publishing my access data on several gay and sex sites.Since then, strangers from all over the world have been watching what I’m doing naked at home.I haven’t had an intimate and private sphere for 8 months.I even installed a cam directly in my toilet bowl on request, now everyone can even see when the shit comes out of my asshole or I do my anal douche, also when I pee.That’s a matter of taste, but the long-time viewer paid for the camera and determined that I make the camera freely accessible, like all my other cams too. so i did it.Since then, 15 people (gay men I know about via email) have been watching me every day for everything I do naked at home, sleeping, cleaning, jerking off,they can even operate the light independently via an app. I can’t judge how many are watching anonymously.That means if I jerk off and empty the sperm into my coffee to drink both,I don’t know if anyone is watching.I would not have thought that it would make me so addicted and horny that any private and intimate sphere would be taken away from me. It’s a shame there aren’t any others who do the same thing.





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