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I’m a pathetic emasculated weakling. Humiliation addict. Tiny cock locked in chastity. An extreme premature ejaculator. Failed as a man and pussy isn’t for me. I feel like my life is now humiliation and exposure. I’m scared of exposure, but the desire is too strong and I’m too weak to hold it off, even though I try.

I like prancing and mincing around like the world’s biggest fairy pansy, limp wrist loser in super emasculating and humiliating outfits. I dress like the prissiest most delicate little girl. I’ve done humiliation tasks where I had to play with dolls, suck on a pacifier and drink out of a baby bottle. Pathetic. I LOVE public humiliaton tasks and have done many. Being laughed at for being so weak and pathetic make me leak in my cage. I also like maid outfits and other frilly sissy dresses.

I also am a full service BBC slut and select other Alpha males. I like massive amounts of cum. I’ve drank it out of a glass, eaten it with a spoon from a bowl, had it on my food, had my face covered many times and have swallowed gallons. I like holding it my mouth while everyone fills it up.  I like getting fucked in my boi pussi. I’ve had golden showers and take Alpha piss in my mouth. I love tonguing assholes.




Greensburg PA

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Sissy Megan

Sissy Megan

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