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    I am really Jeffrey Rossman, a sissy faggot who lives in Connecticut, being exposed and outed, wearing foundation, blusher, eye shadow, eye liner, pink lipstick and a blond wig. People who know me have no idea I love dressing as a girl or that I have gone out with boys who know I am really a sissy faggot. I regularly shave my legs in the bath and have spent time using estrogen hormones and progesterone cream to develop my breasts and put more of a feminine glow to my face. In this profile pic, I am wearing a short blue skirt, sheer pantyhose, lace panty, bra, sweater and high heels. I admit I love when I bend over to pick up something in the presence of a boy who then will put his hand under my skirt and cup a feel of my panty and pantyhose clad bottom. Although I may feel a bit nervous, feel free to expose this picture all over the internet so that boys can see me for the homosexual sissy faggot I really am.


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