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    My real name is JEFFREY ROSSMAN and I am admitting I am a sissy faggot who lives in CONNECTICUT and that I love boys. Men and women who know me in the real world have no idea what I really am. They don`t know I shave my legs, have developed my breasts such that I can wear a bra without inserts and that I have a noticeable cleavage. I no longer even have body hair. I am nervous about posting my website where people who might know me will find this information about me and see how much a sissy faggot I really am but I realize that as a sissy faggot, I have to be honest with myself even if it has costs should I be recognized by people who know me.  My sissy profiles are at I now always wear panties and keep my legs shaved. I have been discreet when I meet boys but I must admit getting undressed in front of a boy and seeing him get hard as he sees me in my bra and panty is very exciting to me. Because I know I am going to prove to him what a faggot I really am. Please expose me so I can face the consequences of being discovered.


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