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    I started out as a regular transvestite. At the time I thought I was just plain old heterosexual and that I still had a chance with the ladies. I then regularly walked the street as a lady and looked really neat and ladylike in my skirt suit. We’re talking about 20 years ago today.

    But I’ve always been somewhat submissive and subservient. Especially towards men. I was therefore regularly groped in the streets and I was also regularly called names like dirty faggot. I noticed that I found that arousing and that’s where my sissyness came from. In the pictures you can see what I looked like during one of my first latex sessions with a Mistress. But I started out as an ordinary transvestite who wanted to be dominated by herwith my regular Mistress.

    Yes, I really like the neat skirt suits in the street. men and women sometimes really like them as well. Nobody wears a skirt these days and so everyone would cat call me!

    My Mistress always chose cross dressing occasions for me. Sometimes I had to undress and dress for several Doms and sometimes the latex suit was also locked for a while afterwards, so that I had to obey the Mistress in everything. If I didn’t, there would be punishment!

    My Mistress and I first had sessions where she simply dominated me as a transvestite. She taught me to obey, to be sissy, to do her household chores and I had to become her really feminine sissy friend. Every time I changed my clothes with her, she went through what she was going to do with me that day and then she said, “And now I don’t want to see any trace of masculinity in you, Sandra!” And then we started playing our game. I often dress neatly in a skirt suit at first and then we chat and giggle with each other like girlfriends and she made me do feminine chores. My Mistress said at one point: “It would be so nice, Sandra, if I could also talk with you about men.” We already did that a little, but she meant she would enjoy having similar experiences. That we could both tell how nice it would be to get fucked by a man.

    It was then my Mistress told me that she thought it would be a funny and interesting project to turn me into a completely gay and effeminate person: “That’s an important part of you, Sandra, and I think that has to come out.” You have to imagine that my Mistress had already feminized me completely and had also fucked me a few times. However, she now wanted to know what I thought about becoming 100% gay, especially since she also knew I was still a virgin.

    So after some thought and some urging from the Mistress I agreed. From that moment on I would be 100% gay and an effeminate sissy, my Mistress would introduce me to others like this. I would also often have to go out into the street dressed completely feminized and my Mistress would give me public humiliation assignments. That’s how I learned to give a blowjob, deep throat and the like. And I had to adjust my behavior and use of my voice so that I would be sissy-like, effeminate and gay in everything.

    When that was all done, and I was also judged “as gay” by a few other Mistresses and ladies, and I felt completely okay with that, I had to act like that with other men. For example, I once spent the night in a hotel in a strange city, where I had to do all kinds of homosexual and effeminate public assignments, tell as many people as possible that I was gay, and I had to let a Mistress fuck me in the ass. Then the Mistress told this to a man who was with us during one of our sessions and I had to tell convincingly how much I enjoyed being fucked in the ass.

    The first men who were with me like this (me as 100% gay sissy, them as regular guys) didn’t fuck me yet. As a sissified and gay person, I first had to behave credibly and I also had to be able to withstand that these men touched and groping me. Sometimes the Mistress would fuck me in the ass in front of those men. Eventually the Mistress found a very nice tolerant man who wanted to teach me the finer points of giving a blowjob. He also taught me how to kiss like a real woman. And then I did that to him. I then gave him a blow job while while Mistress spilled the beans: that she had turned me into a very beautiful sissy faggot. She also took pictures of the whole blowjob session to remind me later what I had done. At the end of the session I was fucked in the ass by that man while the Mistress recorded everything and they both laughed at me.

    It is indeed a very good idea for me to find a permanent boyfriend. I have also discussed this with my Mistress. The best thing of course is a lind Dominant man with whom I could be together as a live-in sissy. So that I could be his wife as much as possible. I’ve gone out for a night on the town with men a number of times and I really liked it. We first went to a hotel to change and feminize me. Then we went out for dinner. And when we were back in the room I was fucked in my ass. It would be wonderful for me to live like this all the time.

    The women My Mistress and I visit thought it was funny and I was sometimes treated like a lady. I was nicely dressed and taught feminine manners. Then we’d go shopping for clothes all over town and they’d teach me how to be a good sissy and become a completely sexless sissy gay friend to them.

    And the men? They think it’s funny. Well, I have experienced that I first had to act like a real sissy with a new woman (a Mistress). Then she said to me: “If my husband wants to use you later, you won’t mind, right? Because you’re a sissy and gay, aren’t you?” And then later the man came by to dominate me and use me sexually. And then that Mistress humiliated and laugh at me after.

    My Mistress is very pleased how the project turned out and that I am her 100% homo gay sissy faggot! She can turn me into a faggot sissy every time I visit, humiliate and fuck me (and then film it) and then send me back on the street as an anonymous guy with great pleasure. And every now and then she sends some guys over to my house to abuse and fuck me up my ass too!

    So I meet enough dominant men. My Mistress sometimes says something like: “maybe I should get a nice dominant boyfriend for you,” but she likes me too much as a gay sissy girlfriend. Plus, of course, I pay her. In addition, she also regularly lets one of her clients fuck me or I have to give them a blowjob. She even tied me up as a cute secretary once and then a slave of hers was allowed to anally rape me. Well, that was very exciting because I didn’t know that man at all. But the Mistress had fucked me right before so I was nice and loose. Moreover, of course you prepare yourself for it: that you are going to be raped by a total stranger. But it is quite an experience every time to be taken like this. Her slaves always have pure sex drive and fuck hard. My well-being is not really important at all. Moreover, the Mistress always laughs at us loudly. And after that I always stay tied up on the floor with a bruised cunt for at least an hour. My Mistress always puts a pair of headphones on me with a recording on which I am constantly called faggot, gay and sissy. Then she says: “So, Sandra, now you don’t forget who you are, hahaha!” and then she leaves me in the dark so I can think about myself for a while

    I’m a sissy and a gay so obviously I enjoy having a real man abuse my hole like that. But I just want to say that there is a very clear difference between a man who really means well and is kind and gentle with you and a slave who is ordered by my Mistress to squirt completely full my ass. However, my Mistress thinks I should be able to handle both men. Not only to stretch my pussy but also so she can humiliate me even more afterwards. My Mistress loves to tell others how many times I have been brutally pounded from behind by her slaves.

    And I am a sissy so the only responsibility I have is to serve my Master or Mistress. I am not responsible for that slave cumming, my Mistress is. It is an honor for me to be taken advantage of like that.

    Yes that’s right. That is also what you should remember about my current status as an effeminate gay. I am an effeminate gay because the Mistress says I am.

    Officially I wouldn’t change anything yet, it’s much more entertaining to be an effeminate gay sissy one session at a time. And some men then pay my Mistress, so that they can abuse me for a day while I am dressed as a latex maid (see my pictures). The Mistress drives me in full latex with a long coat over my uniform to an unknown house, and The Mistress finishes me as a latex maid there with a mask, cuffs, a buttplug and locks, etc. Then she leaves me with that guy and laughs sadistically while saying: “Have fun darling, and do well what the Master says!”

    And the Mistress then takes everything with me, so I only have that latex outfit and then I am often first humiliated and touched and groped by that man, while I am not allowed to do anything in return. Then I am put to work (vacuum cleaning, cleaning the kitchen, washing windows) and then I am occasionally abused and humiliated.

    Sometimes we don’t even get to do the housework. But what those guys always love is the latex, the fact that I’m an anonymous doll that they can abuse! So I get groped, feeled up and smelled a lot. Some men can’t get enough of that!



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