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I’m a cocksucking faggot in Florida, looking to be exposed as is, as well as be exposed in the act of having sex with other men/trans people. I’d love to be seen with cock in my mouth and ass!

I am a cock addict.

I love everything cock… how it looks, feels, moves, smells, cums and tastes. I love looking at cock, touching it, stroking it, licking it, sucking it, taking it in my ass, controlling it, and making it cum. I love hard cock, soft cock, hairy cock, shaved cock, cut cock, uncut cock, big cock, little cock, white cock, and non-white cock. I love having a cock. I love testicles, sperm, and semen.

I love hairy balls, shaved balls, big balls, little balls, low hangers, how testicles smell, how testicles taste. I love sperm loads in my mouth, sperm loads in my ass, sperm loads all over me, and sperm loads all over my man/men. I love how sperm and semen taste, how they smell, the texture and the color. I love how sperm shoots out of cock during ejaculation.

I love clean men. I love hairy men, shaved men, tall men, short men, white men, non-white men, rich men, poor men, virile men, men with ED, top men, bottom men, gay men, bi men, straight men, horny men, tired men, young men, old men, lonely men, married men, widowed men, sleeping men, dressed men, naked men, trans men, cross dressed men, showered men and sweaty men.

I love pleasuring men.

I am bisexual, and I love taking care of men and pleasuring men. Often in kinky and perverse ways. I love offering a shoulder to cry on, being a platonic companion, being a submissive lover, being a dominant lover, and cross dressing to provide fantasy and kink for men who enjoy that. I love fucking men, being fucked, sucking men and being sucked by men. I love role playing with Daddy. I just love getting men off, especially in my mouth. No reason to cum on my face. Fuck my mouth and I’ll gobble it all down my throat.


I host men. I host with planning most any time. My clean, quiet, safe apartment. Come, let me provide an amazing blow job to start. I’ll suck you as long as you want. Cum in my sissy mouth and let me swallow your cock love nectar. Let me cross dress for you, fondle me, role play with me. Let me turn you on and make you cum insanely intense orgasms. Or just pleasure you if you can’t cum.

We start with oral and see what happens. You know where I am.

I’ll very likely offer you my asshole too. Bare.

Blowjobs, bare anal, Daddy issues and role play.





Pinellas County

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I love sucking cock, and getting fucked bare. Fuck me...Florida. Please cum in my mouth, and fuck me bare. I host cock.

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