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My name is Bella and I am a crossdresser. In sex, I am exclusively in a passive role, so I am looking for an Active man.Since I was 17, I love to dress up in women’s clothes. I like to dress like a whore. I like to wear high heels, nylon or leather stockings with a belt, bra and panties, corsets, mini skirts, but also leggings, dresses, etc. I also love to mix and match different looks, styles and looks.I can talk on different topics, but I especially like to talk about sex. Always ready to discuss that whores like me live to bring only pleasure and stuff.I have a lot of fetishes and sexual desires:I love to suck male members swallowing them as deep as possible. I love taking big cocks in my ass and more.I have a big and juicy ass and a pretty deep throat.I want to make new acquaintances, find partners for sex, I want to discuss a bunch of vulgar things.





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Bella Shaw

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